Bubble 6A Forest School Finale

Bubble 6A had their Forest School finale On Tuesday afternoon, learning how to make a campfire, enjoying marshmallows and hot chocolate! Thank you to Alison for organising this wonderful afternoon. Mr Roper

Evie – Year 4

Evie has been using the BBC Bitesize for Music and History. In music she has learnt composing with Found Sound and has completed a research on the Maya Civilisation in History. 

Bubble 6F

Some amazing poetry, following the Oak National Academy, Mr and Mrs Fozzard’s lesson based on the Macbeth witches.

Toby – Year 6 – ‘Quarantine’ Cards

Toby from Year 6 has made a card in line with the Top Trumps card game … he has produced a template for anyone to add their details to in the hope one day can produce a ‘school pack’ 

However to comply with our necessary GDPR and safeguarding we ask you … please only add first names and in the class section just the year group please. Thank you

Charlie – Year 1

Charlie enjoyed learning about volcanoes from making his own to painting a picture of one and making a fact file.

Sam – Year 5

Sam found a hedgehog at the side of the road and called it Mr Pickles, a week later he found another one and named this one Brianna. He kept Mr Pickles overnight before taking it to the Hedgehog Rescue Centre in North Walsham as he had some ticks and released Brianna after a couple of days feeding her up until she was strong enough to go. 

Abigail (Y2) and Hannah (YR) Thank You Song

Abigail and Hannah were inspired by the amazing rainbow that the pupils in school had made and decided to make a thank you song for the NHS. Abigail wrote the lyrics (with a little help from mum) and both girls did all the singing with Abigail playing some of this on the piano. The whole family worked together with the recording and final piece.