Time Activity
8.40am Children may arrive and wait in the playground
8.50am Whistle goes - children go to classrooms
8.55am Morning register
9.05am Lessons begin
10.40am Playtime
10.55am Morning lessons continue
12.10pm Lunchtime
1.10pm Afternoon register
1.15pm Lessons begin
2.40pm Lessons finish
2.45pm Assembly
3.15pm School finishes

Nursery Session Times

Morning group: 8.35am-11.35am
Afternoon group: 12.05-3.05pm

Nursery parents and carers can
drop off and collect children from
the Nursery entrance hall.

As you will see, our school day is very, very busy! It is extremely important that children come to school on time, ready to start their day. Children can wait in the playground from 8.40am where there will be members of staff on duty to welcome them and ensure they are supervised. Children should not be on site before this time unless they are attending Bright Stars or a school club. Parents are welcome to wait outside the Foundation Stage classrooms, the Nursery or Year 1 parents may wait in the Year 1 enclosed playground. We ask that parents do not come onto the main playground for safeguarding and security reasons.

At the end of the day, children should arrange to meet their parents at one of the school playground exits. The Reception and Year 1 children should be met at the outside door to their classroom. The children from Years 2 to 4 will be brought to the end of the back playground by their teacher and handed over to a parent or carer. The Years 5 and 6 children are responsible enough to meet a parent or carer at an agreed place and are dismissed from their classroom. Only children in Years 5 and 6 are allowed to walk home unaccompanied, we ask that all Key Stage 1 children are met by a parent or carer.