Pupil Leadership

Digital Leaders

There are two Digital Leaders in every Year 4, 5 and 6 class.  As Digital Leaders we help our classes in computing lessons when they get stuck. We switch on all the computers before the lesson and make sure they are all working.  We hand out and return tablets to the charging trolley.  We get extra practice with the Lego WeDo sets and make sure they are tidy.  We also help Nursey, Reception and KS1 with the Bee Bots.  As Digital Leaders we give other pupils E safety advice to help them know how to stay safe on the internet. Every other Monday the Digital Leaders go to the computer room for a meeting with Mr Perry.

The Digital Leaders

All Stars

Every term each class teacher chooses two new All Stars. They are given a lanyard (with a how to help card attached) as well as an All Star badge, this makes them visible to others.

When asked what All Stars do our Year 5 All Stars came up with the following statement.

"All Stars are chosen because they are responsible, helpful, kind, respectful and make people feel happy."

The children also came up with the following statements:

  • If you see someone hurt you help them and make sure they're alright.
  • You also might play with people who don't have someone to play with.

The children all agreed that if you are all of these you'll make a fantastic All Star.

This absolutely sums up the ethos of what All Stars are about.