Where can I go for help?

For general advice and help with coping during the COVID-19 pandemic, these websites may be useful: (specifically for single parent families)

Parents can also self-refer to the Children’s Advice and Duty Service using the following number:

0344 800 8020

Keeping our children safe and happy is extremely important to us. All adults who work or volunteer in school are subject to a DBS check and are asked to wear a badge to identify who they are. They are all given safeguarding and prevent training and receive regular updates.

Any visitors to the school site are also asked to sign in at the school office and wear a visitors badge.

Our children are taught from Reception about what to do if they are worried about something and who to go to for help. They are taught to identify staff and visitors in school and clear reporting of any concerns ensures that any worries are addressed quickly.

Our curriculum regularly covers areas such as e-Safety, stranger danger, personal safety and being safe around roads and the sea.

Designated Safeguarding Lead:
Deputy Headteacher

Alternative Safeguarding Lead:

Alternative Safeguarding Lead:
Ingrid Stocker

Safeguarding Governor:
Kathryn de Ferrer

Photographs of these members of staff and their contact details are displayed throughout the school so they are easily identifiable.

Parents and carers are asked to let us know if arrangements for collecting children change or if children are being collected at a different time. We will not allow children to go home with an adult who does not usually collect them without authorisation. If we are unsure, we will always call to check. We also ask to be made aware of any family circumstances, such as court orders.

"A strong culture
of safeguarding is
across the school."

Ofsted 2018