Charlie – Year 1

Charlie’s chosen topic to learn about was the body. He’s been reading his ‘inside your body’ book and then labelling diagrams. 

VE Day – 8th May 2020

We were delighted at Sheringham Community Primary School, Norfolk to welcome back Chris Taylor the photographer to capture our playground art to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day. Mrs Carter, the teachers, teaching assistants and key worker children were excited to be involved in creating the art and celebrate this important day. The children have been involved in the art and activities during the week and most will be celebrating using our online resources in their own special way on Friday 8th May 2020.

School Garden News – May 2020

The garden is continually changing at this time of year. We have an abundance of bluebells popping up and our crops are all enjoying the sun.The potatoes are coming up  now along with the radishes ,beetroot and peas (which I have had to string up some bird scarers around).The raspberries and beans are continuing to flourish. The pond is an array of colour and I even spotted two newts this week enjoying the quiet. The Apple pips that we planted in school are now outside in their pots and soon should be able to go into the ground. I have enjoyed hearing about your gardens at home and what you have been planting, I hope that you are all spending lots of time outside and look forward to more pictures. 


Wesley – Year 5

Wesley is really enjoying Oak Academy, his art class today involved pencil rubbing pictures, he found lots of textures and we particularly like the patchwork effect, looks like it’s stitched together.

Charlie – Year 1

Charlie celebrated his 6th birthday this weekend and managed to include some fun maths with his new Toy Story monopoly game.

Pearl – Year 3

This week Pearl did an experiment using a raw egg and some vinegar. She soaked the egg In the vinegar for 24hours, and watched it fizz and change colour. She then gently rubbed the egg with some water and the remainder of the hard shell came away. She says the egg felt rubbery, but it only managed one big bounce before it broke! (Thankfully in the sink!)

Tribute to Colonel Tom Moore

Brodie and Gabriel have made their own tribute to Colonel Tom Moore by building a 100 and spitfire out of lego to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Harry (Year 1) Lucas (Year 3)

Harry and Lucas had dippy eggs and soldiers for lunch. They cleaned the shells and painted and decorated them then we then reused them to plant our cress seeds.

The boys each have kept a diary and recorded the progress and today we make egg and cress sandwiches!