Nursery Maths Learning Cafe – June 2022

Our Nursery invited parents and children to take part in maths learning cafe which included maths based activities from making shape hats, going on a dot hunt to making (and eating) a biscuit with the right number of sweeties on it!  This was also an opportunity for the children to show their parents around the setting.

How We Teach Maths in Reception – 4th February

We are excited to send you our maths learning cafe today. To start with there is a short (ish!) power point, in 3 parts, for the grown ups to hopefully explain a little bit about how we teach maths in Reception. Then the rest of it is for you to do together with your child. We appreciate that it can be hard to find the time so we will give you until after half term to have a look and have a go at some of the activities. Mrs Hooker our Learning Cafe Lead has a prize for one family in each class. Everyone who posts something on Tapestry about the learning cafe and what you have done at home, will get entered into the prize draw. Then a name will be picked at random after half term.

Here are the things you can do…

  1. Adults – watch the information video
  2. Children and adults – Listen to their teacher read the story, Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons
  3. Watch the video on You Tube of someone reading the story (link below)
  4. Watch an episode of Number Blocks (link below)
  5. Watch the video of your teacher explaining the activities you can do following on from listening to the story.

Pete the Cat being read on You Tube

Number Blocks

In your child’s book bag you will find two sheets, one with 4 buttons on it and one with numbers and buttons on it. The activity video will explain what to do with them both.

We hope you have fun taking part in the Learning Cafe and we can’t wait to see some pictures on Tapestry.

Mrs Keogh and Mr Cresswell

Year 5 – How to help in an accident/emergency situation – February 2022

Dear Families,

We hope that you are all keeping well and safe. We are sure that you are all looking forward to the half term break, can you believe that it is that time already? This half term has flown by thanks to the hard work and dedication of the children and your wonderful support.

As we cannot hold a traditional style Learning Cafe at present, we have put together another virtual one for you. We hope that you enjoy it. It has a PSHE theme, complimenting our current learning in class about how to help in an emergency/accident situation.  Please either submit work on Google Classroom or bring it into school by Wednesday 23rd February to be in with the chance of winning a prize!  

Try and get the whole family involved if you can! We really look forward to seeing what you do. 

If you have any questions or queries please do ask. Take care, stay safe and enjoy! 

Year 5 Team. 

Year 4 Roman Shield Learning Cafe – 2nd February 

We are so grateful for the cardboard you have sent into school and have painted these already.

As part of our year 4 learning café, we would like you to decorate your shield with a design of your choice ready for our Roman Day battle (you should have brought a shield home with you)

This powerpoint below will help with ideas for your design. 

Have fun!
Year 4 team

Year 2 RSPB Big Bird Watch 28th – 30th January

Our Year 2 children have been thinking about how they can encourage birds into their garden and have been introduced to the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch, which is taking place this weekend. The children will be bringing home the tally chart mentioned in the video and we hope you will be able to take part.  

We hope you enjoy the activity together and we look forward to hearing about the birds that you saw in your space at home.

Numbers Day Learning Café

As part of our Numbers Day learning cafe, we would like you to listen to the story ‘How big is a million’ (available on your google drive/tapestry and also on our school website.) Then we would like you to explore the idea of 1 million and make something that represents or shows 1 million. Be as creative as you can as we will be displaying your work in the hall for parents and fellow children in the school to view! Plus, there will be prizes, chosen by our school council! 

Remember that every object you use does not have to represent one. A piece of pasta could represent 100. A step on a number line could represent 1000. Think about places where you might see lots of objects. Could there be thousands or even millions? 

Feel free to work with siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins, get everyone involved!

Please bring your creations in on Wednesday 2nd February. Have fun!