Numbers Day Learning Café

As part of our Numbers Day learning cafe, we would like you to listen to the story ‘How big is a million’ (available on your google drive/tapestry and also on our school website.) Then we would like you to explore the idea of 1 million and make something that represents or shows 1 million. Be as creative as you can as we will be displaying your work in the hall for parents and fellow children in the school to view! Plus, there will be prizes, chosen by our school council! 

Remember that every object you use does not have to represent one. A piece of pasta could represent 100. A step on a number line could represent 1000. Think about places where you might see lots of objects. Could there be thousands or even millions? 

Feel free to work with siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or cousins, get everyone involved!

Please bring your creations in on Wednesday 2nd February. Have fun!