Autumn Term 2019 Attendance Winners

3W were the winners of the attendance award for the autumn term and were delighted to receive a £10 prize to buy a treat! Thank you Mrs Carter. They decided to buy some Hama Beads and have really enjoyed spending a chilled afternoon using them. For some of the children this was a completely new experience. 

The children are hoping that they can win again at the end of this term so that they can enjoy another special reward.

Year 3 Fossil Learning Café, November 2019

On Tuesday Year 3 were treated to a fossil extravaganza Learning Café as a launch to their new science topic. Thank you to the parents who gave their time up so willingly and to those that skipped a few million years seeing both year 6’s learning cafes about the Blitz and year 3’s about fossils!!

We had a fossil expert Dr Stuart Clitheroe who came in to teach the children about how fossils are formed and about prehistoric life. The presentation was called the fascinating world of fossils. The children were amazed that a mammoth only had 4 teeth and they got to hold one of the teeth. The children also learnt that a Great White shark grows to 20 feet in length and weighs 2 tonnes. Whereas it is estimated that Megalodon (the prehistoric shark) grew to 50 feet in length and weighed 20 tonnes. The children also learnt the fossilisation process which they found fascinating.

Dr Stuart also brought in some of his extensive fossil collection for the children to see and touch and hold. Children were so inspired that then they made their own mould and cast fossils in salt dough using leaves and textures to create the same impressions. 

Dr Stuart said it had been such a pleasure as the children were so interested and engaged. He really enjoyed his afternoon sharing his love of rocks and fossils.