Home learning – Science

Monday we completed the PE with Joe Wicks and learnt about different types of germs in science. They both made a poster of what they thought a germ would look like and after a PowerPoint they could tell me the different types of germs e.g. Bacteria is found in ears and throats, fungi can be found on athlete foot, virus is the corona virus and protozoa can give is sickness and diarrhea.  We decided Dexter’s germ looked like a protozoa.

We then did a science experiment were we wanted to learn why we use soap to wash our hands. We coated our hands with oil and brown sugar (the sugar symbolised as germs) after putting our hands in JUST water we were left with germs still on our hands but after rubbing soap into our hands and singing happy birthday twice all the germs completely disappeared.

They each got a certificate to congratulate them on their hand washing skills. Dexter also completed his maths whizz and helped cook shepherds pie for tea.