Learning Cafes

It would be lovely to see you all again at your child's learning cafe this year. Last Autumn, 60% of our parents managed to attend! Thank you so much. This year we are asking that you provide your own travel mug when you visit please. This is a result of our SPA action group thinking it will help reduce our plastic pollution. We agree! For health and safety reasons we have to have cups with lids, and these are usually plastic based. If parents can provide their own lidded mugs, this would be wonderful, we’ll obviously still supply the teas and coffees!
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Check Facebook and our school calendar for dates!

Art Learning Café October 2019

In October we had an amazing Art learning cafe with Kate Munro. We explored the problem of ocean plastic pollution by making mod-roc sculptures from single-use plastics. Thank you to everyone who came, got messy and helped tidy up!