Learning Cafes

We have had a great start to the new school year with over 230 adults attending our learning cafes already! Thank you so much.

This year we are asking that you provide your own travel mug when you visit please. This is a result of our SPA action group thinking it will help reduce our plastic pollution. We agree! For health and safety reasons we have to have cups with lids, and these are usually plastic based. If parents can provide their own lidded mugs, this would be wonderful, we’ll obviously still supply the teas and coffees!
We look forward to seeing you soon!

Check Facebook and our school calendar for dates!


Multiculture – I have a Dream. 18th January 2023

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Developing large and small Motor Skills – Nursery, October 2022

Nursery Maths Learning Cafe 3 1

Nursery Maths Learning Cafe – June 2022

Numbers Block

How We Teach Maths in Reception – 4th February

Year 5 Emergency

Year 5 – How to help in an accident/emergency situation – February 2022

Roman Shield

Year 4 Roman Shield Learning Cafe – 2nd February 


Year 2 RSPB Big Bird Watch 28th – 30th January

Numbers Day

Numbers Day Learning Café