Nursery Spring Learning Cafe – 28th March 2023

We held a Spring themed Learning Cafe in the Nursery this week.  The children and their grown ups took part in some Spring craft activities, went on an egg hunt and at the end we all joined in with some Spring inspired songs!

Design and Technology – 13th March 2023

Our DT learning cafe was a super-sawing success!!! 

Mr Cresswell gave us the (nearly) impossible task of making a bridge out of marshmallows and spaghetti! We had to make it strong enough for the 3 Billy goats to cross (using 100g, 1kg and 2kg weights as the goats!!) 

Whilst some of the parents and children managed to make a bridge strong enough, it became apparent that we needed stronger materials for the bridge and a better glue than marshmallows!!  

We had to think about the ‘R’ element of our CARES curriculum as we had to draw on our resilience to help us get through the difficulties we had faced and continue designing and planing until we were successful. 

We were then given lots of different types of wood, hot glue guns and nails to try and design and make a stronger bridge. 

Our parents and children were very creative and made some wonderful bridges!! 

We hope you enjoyed our complimentary hot drinks and biscuits. We were also lucky enough to have some delicious cake available for a small donation towards Macmillian cancer support. Thank you to everyone who donated. Emily and Lindsey were very grateful for your support. 

Well done everyone, fantastic work!!

Maths in Nursery – 31st January 2023

We will be holding a Learning Café focussing on Early Years maths in the Nursery on Tuesday, 31st January. There will be maths based activities for you to take part in with your child. If your child does not normally attend Nursery on a Tuesday afternoon you are very welcome to join us.  

Science – 30th January 2023

Does your boat float?

Have you ever wondered how a ship made of steel can float? Or better yet, how can a steel ship carry a heavy load without sinking? In this science learning cafe you will make little “boats” out of aluminium foil to investigate how their size and shape affects how much weight they can carry and how this relates to the density of water.

EYFS Writing – 27th January 2023

The session will be slightly different to the Phonic and maths Learning cafes as there won’t be the observation of the lesson this time. We will start with an information session for you about how children develop their writing skills and then the children will join you for some activities.

Online Safety – 24th January 2023

The cafe will be divided into two parts.  In part one with the children present; we will be reading an online safety story and completing a fun quiz.  In the second part, for parents only we will look at how to keep our children safe online.