Physical Education

Physical Education at Sheringham Community Primary School

At Sheringham Community Primary School, we follow the Real PE Scheme of Work. Real PE is a unique, holistic approach to teaching and learning. It provides fun and simple Schemes of Work and support for primary school teachers that gives them the confidence and skills to deliver outstanding Physical Education. Fully aligned to the National Curriculum and Ofsted requirements, Real PE focuses on the development of agility, balance, coordination, healthy competition and cooperative learning.

Real PE is supported by the online resource ‘Jasmine’ which parents and children will soon be able to access at home! Children will be able to take part in the Real PE activities from home and try them with their family members!

We pride ourselves in our inclusive PE lessons. Real PE encourages a child – centred approach, which supports and challenges EVERY child. We run various sports clubs at lunch and after school to offer our children a range of activities. We take part in many sporting events across the county, and we give as many pupils the opportunity to take part in these events and the chance to take part in competitive sport.