Curriculum Developments

November 2019

We are currently in the process of designing a brand new curriculum for September 2020.

We aim to create a curriculum that not only builds the essential academic knowledge and skills from the national curriculum, but also has strong elements of community, attitudes, aspiration and emotional development.

The period up to the end of October 2019 has proven to be a hugely beneficial period of consultation.

We were able to gain the following opinions from 180 responses to our parent questionnaire:

  • 98% of responses said that it was very important that children know how to show respect and be polite to others
  • 97% of responses said that being kind and thoughtful was very important
  • 95% of responses said that it was very important that children know how to keep themselves safe.
  • 93% of responses told us that the children need to know about the effect of their behaviour on others

We have already started to build these elements into the 'Community', 'Emotional', 'Aspiration' and 'Attitudes' strands of our plans.

January 2020

During our training day in December, all of the adults in school were mapping each curriculum subject across the six half terms of the school year.

The new curriculum will be ready for September 2020 and will ensure that our children will have a broad and balanced experience that builds on previous knowledge and skills.

February 2020

After developing our new Knowledge & Skills Progression Grids, we are now starting to develop knowledge cards that will be used during our co-operative learning activities. These will enable the children to build core knowledge throughout their time at Sheringham Community Primary School & Nursery in a strategic and consistent way.

These Geography ones are our first full set and are ready to be trialled in lessons.