Charlie – Year 1

Charlie celebrated his 6th birthday this weekend and managed to include some fun maths with his new Toy Story monopoly game.

Pearl – Year 3

This week Pearl did an experiment using a raw egg and some vinegar. She soaked the egg In the vinegar for 24hours, and watched it fizz and change colour. She then gently rubbed the egg with some water and the remainder of the hard shell came away. She says the egg felt rubbery, but it only managed one big bounce before it broke! (Thankfully in the sink!)

Tribute to Colonel Tom Moore

Brodie and Gabriel have made their own tribute to Colonel Tom Moore by building a 100 and spitfire out of lego to celebrate his 100th birthday.

Harry (Year 1) Lucas (Year 3)

Harry and Lucas had dippy eggs and soldiers for lunch. They cleaned the shells and painted and decorated them then we then reused them to plant our cress seeds.

The boys each have kept a diary and recorded the progress and today we make egg and cress sandwiches!

Charlie – Year 1

Charlie has been working super hard learning about space and the Solar System . He’s found out lots of facts and has made his very own show box solar system. For the planets he used scrunched up balls of tinfoil and painted them all the appropriate colours.

He’s very pleased with the final product. 

Samuel – Year 1

Week 5 of lockdown … Samuel has been busy working on his booklet from reading to maths and making dens and exercising in his local area. 

Hannah (Year 2) and Abigail (Reception)

At the weekend Hannah and Abigail completed a 2.6 challenge to raise money for Great Ormond Street Hospital. For their 2.6 challenge they made an obstacle course around our garden.  They had to complete 26 laps around the course which was very tricky and tiring and took 1.5 hours to complete. Some of the obstacles consisted of going over and under things, balancing on  wood, dribbling a ball through buckets and throwing beanbags into a box.

They raised a total of £366 for Great Ormond Street Hospital, this charity was chosen because they are both in the Madge House in school and GOSH is the chosen charity the house is supporting this year. 

Isla (Reception) is baking.

Isla made some delicious dairy free easter nests last week! She measured out all the ingredients she needed and put lots of marshmallows on top! Obviously the best bit was tasting them at the end which she said they taste delicious!