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Young Voices 2019

Early on Friday 1st February morning 71 children from Year 4, 5 and 6, along with family and friends assembled in the school hall to prepare for our annual pilgrimage to the O2 Arena in London in order to take part in one of the many Young Voices concerts.

At 8.00am three coaches pulled out of the school car park and headed towards the capital. We made good time and arrived at Birchanger Services on the M11 ahead of schedule. After a short early lunch stop we headed back on to the motorway and despite a short delay as we entered London we were soon heading through the Blackwall Tunnel and the O2 Arena.

As we said farewell to all the adults we headed to the entrance and all the excitement that lay ahead. Bags and tickets checked we headed up the steps toward our seats and prepared for our afternoon rehearsal.

As we were took to our seats the band began warming up with a cover of Ed Sheeran's 'Castle On The Hill. This was followed by a three hour rehearsal, running through many of the songs we'd been practising since September. The excitement reached fever pitch when Andy from Urban Strides took the stage to take us through the dance moves.

At 5 o'clock our rehearsal was over and it was time for tea.

Refuelled we headed back to our seats to wait for the auditorium doors to open and our audience to enter the arena. We began eagerly looking for family and friends peering through binoculars and waving our arms to get their attention. 

Then, at 7 0'clock the house lights dimmed, thousands of tiny lights twinkled like stars and the screams and cheers of 8,000 children echoed around the O2. The house  band started up and we were off. We sang a wide repetoire of songs including Viva La Vida by Coldplay, a medley of songs about the days of the week called, Thank You For The Days, an American Folk Odyssey, We Are The World, a Moanna Mashup, a Pop Medley and The Greatest Showman finale. We loved singing with Spandau Ballet front man Tony Hadley and a real highlight was having a dance off with Andy and the Urban Strides against the audience.  

Before we knew it the concert was over and with our orange beanies firmly on our heads we headed out of the arena in to the snowy night. After a short but eventful walk we were safely back at the coaches greeted by cheers and hugs from our family and friends. After a short wait we were off back to Sheringham with wonderful memories of a day we will never forget.

Mr. Cooper would like to say a HUGE thank you to Jenny Skivington  for all her hard work over the last five months and all the staff and volunteers who accompanied us down to London on a very long but fantastic day.

Here's to doing it all again in 2020!!!!!!!!