First half of Autumn Term 2020

Year 3 have ended their successful half term by learning a little about harvest and thinking about how lucky we are to have such amazing farmers and fishermen as well as the factory workers and shop staff who help us get our food from ‘Farm to Fork’.

We had a virtual tour of a real farm thanks to Mrs McCaig doing some super videos on a farm near where she lives at the weekend and today we brought in some harvest gifts to share in our community. 

In our PSHE lessons we have been learning about our wider community and people who help others, so we felt it would be lovely to make a contribution to help some of those who may need a little extra help especially in these challenging times that we are experiencing. The really kind donations of food will all go to the foodbank donation box in a Supermarket, hopefully in Sheringham in the next couple of days. 

We will post a picture of it being delivered. In art today we had a wonderful time doing some observational watercolour paintings and pastel drawings of pumpkins, again linking to the harvest. We hope that you like this small sample of the work produced by some of 3W.

This year lots of things enjoyed by the children will be a little different and possibly may mean that the usual Halloween events cannot happen, so the children were extremely touched at the kindness of a 3M parent who very generously shared some Halloween sweets in a lovely package for every child in the Year Group. It is such a lovely gesture and the children were all very thankful.

Have a wonderful half term break, Take care
Miss West and Mrs McCaig