English – December 2023 

Year 3 had a very exciting week!

A strange package from The Lazy Pet Company arrived in the classroom on Wednesday. Everyone was very curious and excited! First, someone suggested that we write some questions that would be helpful to know the answer to, then someone else advised that we should use books and the internet to do some research about lazy animals. So, Miss Murray decided she should cancel the English lesson for the day and instead, investigate. 

Later that evening, some clawing and scratching was heard from inside the box, and a baby sloth popped their head through! Obviously, having a sloth in the classroom was a little odd, so it was taken to the vets to get checked out. On Friday, Mrs Carter received a call with some news… the sloth is healthy and happy, and is being taken to a special sloth sanctuary to be looked after. 3M decided their name should be ‘Sparky’ after a book that we found in the classroom about a little girl who buys herself a pet sloth that she names, Sparky…