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Year four - Philip Pullman

Tesco Farm to Fork


As you may be aware, as part of our PSHE/ECO lessons Classes 13 and 15 have been doing a little gardening and growing activities on a Friday afternoon.  To tie in with this we plan to take the children from these two classes down to Sheringham Tesco to take part in their Farm to Fork tour.  Once there the children will learn all about local produce, see bread being made, look around the various departments and even try samples of food too.  It promises to be an interesting session. 

We will either walk or travel by mini bus.


The schedule for this is as follows:


Wednesday 1st July –

Half of Class 15 with Mrs Stocker and Mrs Wegg



Wednesday 8th July –

Half of Class 15 with Mrs Stocker and Mrs Wegg



Thursday 9th July –

Half of Class 13 with Mrs Duke and Mrs Barns



Wednesday 15th July –

Half of Class 13 with Mrs Duke and Mrs Barns


Year 4 Team -

If you have any queries or concerns please speak to either Mrs Stocker or Mrs Duke.

May 2015

The class have been enjoying learning Boucle d'Or (Goldilocks) in French. We have drawn pictures to help us remember the words. See if you can read the story at home, all the way through to 'pardon'. Marianne has been fantastic helping us with our pronunciation, we all sound very French!


Also, we have given everyone a wordsearch with this weeks spellings. I hope it is a fun way for you to learn them. I am hoping for lots of 10/10's on Tuesday. 


Monday 18th will be PE, so don't forget your kit. After half term, we will be returning to PE on a Tuesday.

Boucle d'Or

Boucle d'Or 1
Boucle d'Or 2
Boucle d'Or 3
Boucle d'Or 4

January 2015


Dear Parents,

Last term there was a meeting with parents regarding our school questionnaire.  At this meeting it was suggested that a half termly letter be produced by each year group to explain what would be taught, and or taking place, during that half term.


Spring term – 1st half

In our Topics this half term we will be learning about The Stone Age to Iron Age and Sound.

In Literacy we are working on poetry and are presently learning The Caveman Song. We are using picture maps to help memorise the poem, which the children will then change to create their own poem. In Maths we will be looking at addition, subtraction, fractions and shape.

In RE we are looking at Hinduism.  The children are all learning to play guitar in Music and Class 15 are also learning the hand bells, Class 14 will begin this in the summer term.


We hope this information has been helpful.

If you have any queries or concerns then please come and see one of the Year 4 team.

Last Night I Saw the City Breathing.

Last Night I Saw the City Breathing. 1

Friday 17th October

It has been a busy week. We've had the Czech visitors and Parent's Evening. To help out with the learning logs we have made some notes as a class to help our work: 


LO: What do you know about poetry?

It uses rhyme (sometimes). It might be illustrated or use made up words, it could be fantasy or real. 

It has rhythm, it might tell a story, it might use different writing techniques (simile, alliteration, metaphor).

Famous poets - William Shakespeare... do you know any more?


LO: What do you know about division?

It is the opposite to multiplication. It is about sharing equally. We can do it on a number line.

This week in class 13, the children have been learning about digestion. They have made a digestive system and been able to pass food through it (albeit plastic food borrowed from Reception). They have been able to identify the oesophagus, stomach, duodenum, small intestine, large intestine and the anus.

Everyone helped to make the system from junk and it is a very popular activity in the classroom.


Year 4 have also been in the music hut having a jam session. We played  a sea shanty using the instruments the children already play along with some xylophones and the piano.