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Year five - Jeff Kinney

Thursday 2nd July


Spellings for this week are

Group 1:  house, mouse, sound, mouth, round, shout, about, pound, outside, count

Group 2: point, poison, disappointment, avoidable, ointment, moisture, voice, boiled, toil, foil

Group 3: beautiful, fulfil, delightful, grateful, skilful, peaceful, successful, wasteful, wilful, thoughtful

Group 4: advertisement, reservoir, persuade, thermometer, referred, monastery, jewellry, fiery, Mediterranean, terminal.


Spelling test on Tuesday 7th July


Wednesday 17th June


Spellings for this week are


Group 1: wall, tall, walking, talking, always, walk, chalk, talk, small, hall

Group 2: darkness, department, harmless, snarl, alarm, carton, parsnip, scarlet, cartoon, market

Group 3: August, audience, laundry, auction, caution, faulty, Australia, sausage, daughter, laughed

Group 4: argument, architect, parliament, cardigan, margarine, remarkable, separate, backwards, apparatus, awkward.


Spelling test on Tuesday

Wednesday 10th June


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1: river, thunder, number, never, under, over, driver, partner, kerb, dinner (all have 'er' in them)

Group 2: bloomed, swooped, scooped, gloomy, smooth, wooden, foolish, choose, balloon, kangaroo (all have 'oo' in them)

Group 3: invisible, horrible, probable, tremble, possible, handle, sensible, simple, miserable (All have a 'le' ending)

Group 4: privilege, damage, vegetable, manageable, messenger, salvage, gigantic, religion, knowledge (all have a 'g' that sounds like a 'j')


Spelling test on Tuesday 16th June

Wednesday 3rd June


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1: awful, sawing, law, jaw, dawn, paw, straw, yawned, crawl, strawberry

Group 2: building, biscuit, guard, guilty, tongue, honest, know, answer, wrote

Group 3: biscuit, disguise, guarantee, tongue, whistle, column, condemn, unfasten, guilty, vague

Group 4: argument, announcement, compliment, excitement, experiment, efficient, ingredient, intelligent, magnificent.


Spelling test on Tuesday 9th

Friday 15th May


Homework for this week is:


L.O. To research the Ivory Coast


Due in for Thursday 21st May

Wednesday 13th May


Spellings for this week are:

Group 1: vice, space, grace, dice, lace, mice

Group 2: vice, vicious, space, spacious, grace, gracious

Group 3: malicious, anxious, grace, gracious, space, spacious, vice, vicious

Group 4: ambitious, cautious, fictitious, infectious, nutritious, suspicious, malicious, precious, anxious, conscious


Spelling test on Tuesday 19th May

Wednesday 6th May


Yesterday, the children were sent home with a letter about an upcoming trip to the river Glaven on the 22nd of June. The letter contained details about the trip such as appropriate clothing, travel arrangement and cost (£6.50). Please return payment with the permission slip at the bottom of the letter as soon as possible. I have spare copies of the letter if anyone requires another one.

Wednesday 6th May


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1: bake, baked, baking, smile, smiled, smiling

Group 2: terrible, terribly, horrible, horribly, flexible, flexibly

Group 3: possible, possibly, horrible, horribly, visible, visibly, terrible, terribly

Group 4: possible, possibly, audible, audibly, incredible, incredibly, legible, legibly, collapse, collapsible.


This week's spellings are focusing on suffixes (the ends of the words)


Spelling test on Tuesday 12th May

Friday 1st May

Homework for this week is:


'L.O. To write a persuasive book review'


Due in Thursday 7th May


Wednesday 29th April


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1: refer, referee, prefer, transfer

Group 2: refer, prefer, transfer, referred, preferred, transferred

Group 3: refer, referee, referred, prefer, preferred, preference, transfer, transferred

Group 4: refer, referred, reference, referee, prefer, preferred, preference, transfer, transferred, transferring


Spelling test on Tuesday 5th May

Friday 24th April


Homework for this week is:

'L.O. To investigate a force and explain how it works in real life'


For example, you could choose water resistance and explain how it works in sailing.


Due in Thursday 30th April

Friday 17th April


Homework for this week is:


'L.O. To make an e-safety poster warning people to be safe online.'


Think about the SMART rules you learned at the start of the year in ICT.


Homework due for Thursday 23rd April

Tuesday 14th April


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1: eye, I, flew, flu, heel, heal, see, sea

Group 2: steel, steal, past, passed, heard, herd, heel, heal

Group 3: steel, steal, passed, past, father, farther, feint, faint, paws, pause

Group 4: wary, weary, whose, who's, device, devise, faint, feint, draft, draught.


What do we notice about these spellings?


Spelling test on Tuesday 21st April

Tuesday 17th March


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1: city, circus, nice, rice, dice, mice.

Group 2: city, cinema, circle, circular, circus, decide, decimal, recite

Group 3: circle, circular, decide, decision, deciaml, accident, incident, citizen, civil, incisor


Spelling test on Tuesday 24th March

Friday 13th March

Homework for this week is:

L.O. To use figurative language to describe a scene.


Pictures of the scene are in their Learning Logs (spares on Gail's desk).


Homework due in Thursday 19th March

Tuesday 10th March


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1: face, race, trace, space, lace

Group 2: bicycle, cylinder, recent, cell, celery, centre, fancy, cyclist

Group 3: except, ceiling, cereal, December, centipede, cellar, incense, certain, bicycle, cylinder

Group 4: ceiling, cellophane, centigrade, celebrity, deceit, cynical, cylinder, centenary, receive, except.


Spelling test on Tuesday 17th March

Wednesday 4th March


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1: rhyme, rhythm, bruise, soldier, yacht, symbol

Group 2: soldier, forty, twelfth, symbol, develop, rhyme

Group 3: ancient, achieve, average, bruise, available, competition, identity, soldier

Group 4: awkward, achieve, amateur, ancient, available, communicate, competition, controversy, correspond, convenience.


Spelling test Tuesday 10th March

Dont forget, your projects on the Ancient Greeks are due in this Friday!

Monday 23rd February


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1: who, sword, gnaw, island, write, knock

Group 2: gnaw, doubt, island, ballet, guess, sword, who, write

Group 3: lamb, comb, island, doubt, thistle, knight, gnaw, reign, debt, hymn

Group 4: doubt, island, condemn, solemn, thistle, knight, champagne, psalm, debt, breathe.


Watch out for those silent letters!


Spelling test on Tuesday 3rd March.


Year Five Homework project – The Ancient Greeks.


This term our homework project will be based around ‘The Ancient Greeks’, which we have been studying this half term. We would like the children to research something that interests them about The Ancient Greeks and present it to the class. They can make their project in any format they wish, this could be a model, poster, report, powerpoint presentation or piece of art-work. In our topic we have explored Ancient Greek religion, myths and monsters, gods, architecture, inventions, government, warfare, and geography but you are welcome to investigate a different aspect of Ancient Greece.


We expect completed projects to be handed in on Friday 27th February.


Some useful websites are:




Wednesday 4th February


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1 - their, them, this, they, that, think

Group 2 - invent, incorrect, impure, impolite, inactive, impossible

Group 3 - immoral, inactivity, inflexible, incorrect, impossible, imperfect, impolite, incomplete

Group 4 - immoral, immovable, impossible, impartial, inaccurate, inflexible, inability, imperfect, incomplete, insensistive


Spelling test on Tuesday 10th

Wednesday 14th January


Spellings for this week are:

Group 1 - don't, won't, I'll, I've, they're, we'll, they've, you've.

Group 2 -disagree, disown, discard, misfit, misfire, mishear.

Group 3 - disapprove, disagree, disown, disband, misunderstood, mishear, misspelling, misreport.

Group 4 -discourage, disapprove, disembowel, disband, dissatisfied, miscalculate, mispronounce, misreport, misunderstood, mistake.


Spelling test on Tuesday 20th

Wednesday 7th January 2015


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1 - some, like, have, make, came, here

Group 2 - relate, estate, rotate, horrify, terrify, notify

Group 3 - relate, motivate, ornate, vibrate, glorify, identify, horrify, qualify

Group 4 - assassinate, pollinate, motivate, coordinate, retaliate, amplify, classify, glorify, identify.


Due for Tuesday 13th January.

Wednesday 26th November


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1: some, like, could, would, called, asked, saw, was.

Group 2: torrent, torrential, confident, confidential, essence, essential.

Group 3: torrent, torrential, confident, confidential, essence, essential.

Group 4: torrent, torrential, confident, confidential, influence, influential, substance, substantial.


Due for Wednesday 3rd December.

Wednesday 19th November


Spellings for this week are:


Group 1: people, about, your, made, children, house.

Group 2: office, official, race, racial, face, facial.

Group 3: racial, official, spatial, social, special, crucial.

Group 4: official, crucial, financial, commercial, beneficial, facial, special, social.


Due for Tuesday 25th November

Wednesday 12th November


Spellings this week are:


Group 1 - when, which, where, who, why, what.

Group 2 - silence, balance, entrance, sentence, violence, absence.

Group 3 - silence, substance, entrance, balance, evidence, confidence, fragrance, absence.

Group 4 - audience, appearance, annoyance, persistence, intelligence, guidance, avoidance, performance, substance, silence.


Due for Tuesday 18th November.

Wednesday 15th October


Spellings for this week are as follows:

Group 1 - knee, know, knot, knit, bomb, comb, lamb, tomb

Group 2 - knee, know, knot, knit, bomb, comb, lamb, tomb, damn, hymn

Group 3 - knock, knuckle, knight, kneel, kneed, crumb, thumb, plumb, gnome, gnarl

Group 4 - knock, knuckle, knight, kneel, condemn, solemn, autumn, column, gnome, gnarl

Monday 13th October


This is a link to a competition (held by Amazon) for a chance to meet Jeff Kinney, who is our class author. It would be great if some of our children entered as it could lead to an amazing opportunity!

Homework - due Thursday 16th


L.O. To research volcanoes.