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What does learning look like in Year 1?

We believe that children learn best when they have time to embed the skills taught in lessons in their own independent time through child-initiated learning. 


Our learning environment is similar to the environment in reception classrooms. The elements of good early years practice are absolutely appropriate for KS1 and beyond and should be embedded into our practice. In the beginning of the year, the environment mirrors that of reception with some added challenges. The areas in the classroom are very similar. We have rolling snack, a design space, an art studio and a project area between the two classrooms. Each classroom has its own Maths and Literacy area. Each area can promote different skills. For example, the snack area promotes Maths skills such as using money and paying, the design space promotes DT skills, the project area promotes research and subject knowledge of the topics we are studying. These are only some of the skills that each area encourages! They will also have 2 sessions of independent time during the day to embed learning and skills where they can access all of the different areas in the classroom. We evidence the learning in this time with photographs and observations. They also have challenges to complete in this time. Learning in this way promotes independence, motivation and resilience meaning the children are able to take ownership of their learning. 


The children will have 3 direct teaching sessions per day. Usually Read Write Inc, Maths and Topic. These sessions increase throughout the year with the expectation of independent work increasing when the children are ready.