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our new topic is The Romans, this will incorporate history, geography, art and DT. We are having a Roman Day on 10th March, when we have a Celtic and Roman visitor.

Finn and the Scottish Giant

The Giant's Causeway 

Finn MacCool has a place in Antrim. He is the creator of the Giant's Causeway.

One day, Finn heard that a Scottish giant was laughing at his fighting ability. Finn was made to feel angry by what he had heard. He threw a rock across the Irish Sea to Scotland, but what was special about this rock was that it included a challenge to the giant.

The Scottish giant was not so brave now, hence he quickly threw a message in a rock back to Finn, stating that he would like to take up the challenge but could not do so as he could not swim, to reach Ireland.

Finn was not prepared to let the giant get out his self-initiated hole so easily. Finn tore down great pieces of volcanic rock that lay near the coast with his bear sword. He stood these pieces of rock upright, making them into pillars, to form a causeway. The causeway stretched from Ireland to Scotland. The giant now had no get-out clause and had to unwillingly accept the challenge.

The giant finally arrived at Finn's abode, but the hero was not there. Sava (Finn's wife) invited the giant inside and explained that Finn was away, and only she and the baby were at home. Sava suggested that while she made refreshments, perhaps the giant would be kind enough to rock the baby.

The baby was 18 feet long, the giant thought to himself if this was Finn's baby, then how tall was Finn going to be? The giant was dumbfounded!

Suddenly, without warning, the baby grabbed the giant's hand and bit off one of the giant's fingers. The giant was in pain and howled like a baby! He ran from the house and rushed across the causeway. The giant dare not say anything scornful about Finn again, otherwise the consequences will be far too painful to endure!

The baby was Finn in disguise. Finn leapt out from the cradle and gave pursuit to the now scared giant. Finn hurled huge lumps of earth at the giant. One of the large holes he created gradually filled with water and became known as Lough Neagh ~ which is the largest lake in Ireland. Funnily enough, one large lump of earth missed the giant and fell into the Irish Sea ~ this lump is now known as the Isle of Man! 


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