Skipping Workshops – September 2023 

Last week we were very lucky to be able to invite The Jump Rope Company & Coach Chris into the school, to run session across the school from years 1-6. This was a fantastic opportunity to show the children a different way to exercise and have fun. 

Coach Chris has a brilliant website where you can use his free resources to move through different stages of skills or you can use the “Tricktionary” section where there are slo-mo videos of hundreds of skills to practice. These can be found under the ‘Learn’ section on the website. 

We also have the privilege of a discount code for his website if your child/children would like to purchase their own skipping rope which will last a long time. 

I hope all of the children had as much fun as I did! I certainly saw lots of smiling and red  faces throughout the two days! 

Here is Coach Chris’ website details and the discount code is