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Sheringham Plastic Awareness

Sheringham Plastic Awareness - This SPA group meets every 2 weeks and are elected representatives of each class from Years 2-6.  They are working alongside the Sheringham Plastic Awareness group to help Sheringham gain Plastic Free Town status. 

Summer Term 2019 


SPA Junior Group


Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you for the support you gave the children in creating their plastic awareness projects. I hope you were able to come along to the exhibition and see all their hard work; their ideas were absolutely incredible and we were all amazed by the time, effort and enthusiasm the projects showed.


The SPA Junior group have worked very hard this year. We were very pleased to be given a Community Award for our effort to reduce single- use plastic in school and to raise the children’s awareness of plastic in the oceans and in landfill. Please have a look in the North Norfolk News to see some of the children’s projects and to hear about what we have achieved.


This year we have;

  • Helped Norse to reduce their use of plastics in the school kitchen
  • Raised £215 from our Multi-cultural week mufti day, where we learnt about plastic in the seas in a variety of countries around the world. This money raised has been used to purchase 3 class sets of re-usable plastic cups, plates, bowls and cutlery for when we do cooking or food tasting in school so we don’t use single-use plastic cutlery and plates anymore.
  • Become a public collection point for crisp packets to be recycled
  • Become a public collection point for stationery to be recycled
  • Explored alternatives to lunch box plastics such as cling film being replaced with re-usable pots and containers and bees wax wrap and eco snack bags as alternatives
  • Our PTA purchased re-usable eco cups instead of plastic coffee cups for school events
  • Our PTA sold recyclable cans of drink at the Summer Fair instead of single-use plastic bottles
  • Started to collect recyclable wrappings from our lunches when out on trips and bring them back to school for our recycling bins, rather than leaving them in public landfill bins.
  • Taken on the theme of ‘There is no planet B’ for our Carnival Art club


One of our SPA Junior group, Lucas, has even lobbied Anglian Water to provide a water bottle refill point in town…watch this space!


Next year we are continuing our good work and we need your help!

  • We are changing to biodegradable glitter for our art work.
  • We will no longer use plastic laminating pouches unless it is essential
  • We will no longer use plastic cutlery at school events

From September, at learning cafés, please bring along your own travel mug or re-usable cup with a lid. This will save us lots of money in buying single-use coffee cups and will also mean zero waste too!!


From September, please replace the use of cartons and single-use plastic bottles, such as Fruit Shoots, in lunch boxes and instead change to a re-usable, re-fillable bottle for lunchtimes as well as a re-usable bottle for water in the classroom. 


Summer Holiday Project…


Over the Summer holidays why not collect small bits of single use plastic and create an eco brick, it’s easy, free and if you bring them in to school in September, we can put all the eco bricks together to make a The children are really aware of the importance of making a change to protect the environment for their future.



Thank you for your support.


Mrs Brady and the SPA Junior Group

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Well done to our SPA (Sheringham Plastic Awareness) Junior group who were presented with a Community Award for their hard work in raising awareness and reducing the use of plastic in our school!

Fantastic effort!
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Spring Term 2019

The SPA Junior group interviewed Angela, our school cook and Linda, Norse catering representative last week to find out about what Norse are doing to reduce their use of single plastic in our school kitchens.  We were really pleased to hear that they have already reduced the amount of yogurt cartons and cling film and are trialling wrapping sandwiches and cake in greaseproof paper! They donated plastic margarine tubs to be re-used in school as storage containers and recycle all their cardboard packaging.  We challenged them to source ice-cream in larger quantities and scoop it out, rather than buying lots of small tubs with plastic lids and plastic spoons.  We also found out that some of the aluminium cooking tins are still going strong from 1950, when the school was in the town ... now that's a great example of re-using and recycling!! 

Autumn Term 2018


The group has an action plan for ways they can reduce the use of plastic in school.  So far they have investigated the use of re-usable and single use plastic drink bottles and are starting to think about the many plastic wrappers and packaging items we have in lunchboxes.  They are looking forward to a visit to a local coffee shop to hear about ways they have reduced their use of plastic. 


November 2018 News


The SPA group have been finding out about how many children bring re-usable water bottles to school and how many bring single use bottles.  Single use bottles, like water bottles and juice bottles are only used once and then either sent to landfill, where they will take longer than 100 years to degrade or they are sent to the recycling plant, where less than 20% actually ever get recycled.  Re-usable bottles can be washed out and re-filled many times ... unless we leave them at school!!  The group have been carrying out surveys and checking lunchboxes so we know what we need to work on.  


98% of the school have a re-usable water bottle for the classroom.  2% have single use bottles. 

70% of the school have a re-usable drinks bottle for lunchtime or use the plastic, re-usable cups in the canteen. 30% have single use drinks. 


Please can you think about switching the cartons of juice, Fruit Shoot bottles etc in lunch boxes to re-fillable, re-usable bottles.  It's more sustainable, generates less plastic waste and it's cheaper too!! 


Thank you