Year 2


Welcome to year 2. You have been in our school for at least 2 years now and you are ready for some new and exciting challenges. This booklet will tell you everything you need to know to get started.

Who’s who?

There are 2 classes in year 2, with the following staff:

Class 2HC – Miss Howarth (Monday & Tuesday) and Miss Corden (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Class 2S - Mrs Stoppani

Teaching assistant team

Miss Parish will teach P.E. and Mr Cooper will be teaching music for everyone in Year 2 once a week.

We will also be supported by our fabulous team of Learning Champions who will work with some of the children during the year.

What happens each day?

Now that you are in year 2, you are hopefully starting to become very independent and grown up, so you can say goodbye at the metal gate at the back of the reception playground and come into the back playground to wait for the whistle. Don’t forget that there are teachers on duty from 8.40am, so you will be safe and can enjoy playing with your friends before the busy school day starts. When the whistle goes, your teacher will be ready to meet you at the outside door to your classroom.

If you are late to school, you will need to let the office know that you are here and also make sure that you say hello to your teacher. This is especially important if the register has already been done and sent to the office.

At the end of the day, your teacher will take your class out to the gate and you can meet whoever is collecting you at 3.15pm. Each class will wait for parents with their class teacher close to the gate. When your teacher has seen your parent or carer, you will be able to walk to meet them.

Please can you remind your parents or carers to let your teacher know if someone different is collecting you so that your teachers know who to look for? For the first few weeks we would really like to be able to say hello to your parents or carers, so please bring them to see us.

We will only let you go when we have made eye-contact or waved to them. We will aim to watch you walk to them as we want you to be come even more independent, but know how busy the playground is at the end of the day, making it hard for little people to see who they are looking for!

What if I am ill?

Everyone is ill sometimes but we hope that you will be in school, on time, every day… ready for action! If you are ill and can’t come to school, please ask someone to let us know. We have so much exciting learning to do and don’t want you to miss anything, so you need to try really hard to be at school every day, even if it means coming and giving it a go even though you are not feeling completely like your normal self. We can always call home if you really are not coping.

If you are ill at school, we will call home. We will also call home if you have a bumped head. If you have a little bump or graze, we will give you a note to pass on to your family when you go home - don’t forget to do this. It is really important and should be put into your book bag straight away!

If you are ill and do have to go home, please make sure that if you are due to go to Bright stars or a club that the staff get to know that you will not be there.

What about snacks and drinks?

It is really important that you drink lots of water to help you to think and learn. Please bring plain water rather than squash, in a ‘pop- up top’ style drink bottle with your name on.

Your teachers will provide a piece of fruit every day.

What about lunchtimes?

Everyone in year 2 will have a delicious hot school lunch and eat together.


In year 2 we love to read and you will need to be practising your reading every day so that you can read lots of interesting and exciting books. Please bring your book bag to school every day and one of the teaching assistants or teachers will help you to change it when you have read it. You will be reading in your Read, Write Inc lessons so you will not read to an adult in class every day but you should try to read at home as much as you can. When you read to someone at home, tell them about what happened in the story, which parts were your favourite and how you think the story could have ended in a different way. You could ask someone to write your ideas in your reading record book so your teacher can see them.

What else can I do at home?

It is so important to practise what you have learnt at school when you go home and your families will be really interested in what you are learning about.

Maths Whizz

We hope that each week you will try to spend up to 90 minutes in tutor time on Maths Whizz and then if you wish additional time can be spent in ‘Replay’ which is revision and practise of bits of maths that you have already done.


You will have P.E lessons with your class, as well as with Miss Parish. It is really important that you have the right clothes for the job; trainers or plimsolls, a white t-shirt, navy or black shorts and a P.E. jumper and jogging or tracksuit bottoms for cold days. Earrings can be really dangerous so please leave them at home on P.E days. You can keep your P.E bag at school so you don’t have to remember to bring it in every week. It also means that you have a change of clothes in the event of a fall or accident and are ready prepared if we have an extra, surprise PE activity on a different day!

What else do I need to wear?

It is important to wear your school uniform every day and school shoes which you can safely run around in at playtime.

In order to keep costs down for your parents, we have a simple uniform of navy blue and white. We believe it helps the unity of the school to be dressed similarly and it is certainly useful when we go on school trips to identify you all. To remind you all, we have included details of our uniform here:

Girls: Charcoal Grey skirts, pinafore dresses, trousers with white blouses/polo shirts, or blue and white summer dresses. Navy cardigan, jumper, school sweatshirt or fleece.

Plain black shoes – no trainers or fashion sandals.

Boys: Charcoal grey shorts or trousers with white shirt/polo shirt. Navy jumper, school sweatshirt or fleece.

Black shoes – no trainers.

School sweatshirts, fleece jackets and polo shirts, with a crest, are available through .


Black plimsolls/trainers – black shorts (navy or black tracksuit in winter) – plain white t-shirt.

All to be kept in a named bag that fastens securely and left in school for a half term at a time.


It is the policy of the school that NO jewellery should be worn. Children are permitted to have pierced ears but must only wear small/discreet plain studs. Children may wear a plain watch.

The school does not accept any responsibility for loss.


No make-up, hair colour or nail varnish is allowed.

Your families spend lots of money on school uniform but sometimes you lose it because it doesn’t have your name on…… please nag your family to do this for you!

School trips and visits

We try to include as much learning in the local environment as possible in Year 2 as well as organising an end of year fun trip to reward you for all of your hard work. We will sometimes need to ask for some of your parents to volunteer to come along to help us. As your families are so amazing, we often get more parents volunteering than we can take along, so we have to pull names out of a hat, whilst also trying to ensure that as many parents as possible, who are able to do so, can come on a trip by the end of the school year. Do not be upset or worried if your parents are not able to join us on a trip, it is just school in a different place and you will be perfectly safe!


Now that you are in Year 2, you are very special and are training to be ‘Secret Agents’ right from your very first day! Then during May, we do very special work to see how well you have got on. We will tell your parents and carers more about these nearer the time. It is nothing to worry about.

What about if my family would like to come to school?

That’s great! We would like your families to see how hard you work at school.
The last Tuesday of every half term is our parent ‘drop-in’ session, when we welcome children and parents back into the classroom to have a look through work and celebrate achievements. It is very informal and takes place between 3.30-4pm. We hope to see you there.

In Year 2, we strive to have a Leaning Café as often as possible so that you can come in and experience learning with your children in a café type environment.

Tea, coffee and biscuits will be on offer and you will be welcomed to join in learning activities.

We hope this gives you the opportunity to enjoy learning with your children in the classroom and get a feel for life in a year 2 classroom!

Please look out for an invitation to our first café of the year in September. Invites are sent by Parentmail.

What if we have a question?

The teachers are always happy to answer a quick question before the whistle goes in the morning or after school when the rest of the class have been safely seen to their parents. If you would like longer to talk, please ask your parents or carers to go to the office for an appointment.

You can also E-mail us via the school website and we will reply as soon as we possibly can.

We will also invite your parents to a ‘Welcome to Year 2’ meeting early in September, don’t worry, you will not need to sit around whilst adults talk, we will provide a place for you to go and play, supervised by other teachers 

So what do I really need to remember?

  1. Come to school, excited and ready to learn.
  2. Try your hardest, everyday.
  3. Be a great role model for the younger children in the Infants…… you are the oldest children and the younger ones will look up to you.
  4. Have a fantastic, fun year!!

Mrs Stoppani, Miss Howarth and Miss Corden


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