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School Direct (unsalaried) UEA Full PGCE

This an exciting partnership between the Teaching School Alliance & the UEA, where we are able to offer a full PGCE through School Direct.
Trainees will work alongside the University's full PGCE cohort, but spend longer periods in a designated Alliance school allowing time for deeper professional relationships to develop. There will also be additional enhancement days for trainees following the School Direct route. We anticipate that this route will offer good job prospects at the end.

General Primary PGCE(M) at UEA information:

All students follow a general programme of professional studies as well as programmes of teaching core and non-core subjects. All students experience two main school placements in two consecutive age bands and the first of these is usually shared with two students allocated to the same class. Teaching based at the University employs a range of methods and group sizes including lectures, seminars, practical workshops and tutorials. The academic component of the course is assessed at M level and successful students will gain 60 Master’s credits. The course gives students the opportunity to develop their understanding of the principles, knowledge and skills involved in being a reflective teacher. Through both University based and school-based training, a thorough knowledge of child centred learning and how to devise a rich curriculum that is appropriate for all children will be gained. The course provides a challenging, critical introduction into how to meet the needs of young learners through principled practice.

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