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We will be running maths sessions for Year 6 children before school, from 8.30am- 8.50am in the Octopus learning cabin.  This is a chance for the Year 6 children to brush up on any areas they might feel less confident on in the run up to SATs or to practise what they already know.  


Attached is a timetable showing the themes for each day. Places are limited so if your child would like to attend a session, please book them in through the following email address;


We hope your children will take advantage of these sessions and find them really helpful.


Week commencing 13th March we will be concentrating on the four operations

Monday 13th ... Addition

Tuesday 14th ... Subtraction

Wednesday 15th ... Multiplication

Thursday 16th ... Division

Friday 17th ... BODMAS (Brackets, order, division, multiplication, addition and subtraction)


Week commencing 20th March

Monday 20th ... Prime numbers

Tuesday 21st ... Square numbers

Wednesday 22nd ... Composite numbers

Thursday 23rd ... Area

Friday 24th ... Perimeter


Week commencing 27th March

Monday 27th ... Fractions; simplifying, equivalent etc

Tuesday 28th ... adding and subtracting fractions

Wednesday 29th ... Multiplying fractions

Thursday 30th ... Dividing fractions

Friday 31st ... Fractions, Decimals and Percentages




Week commencing 18th April

Tuesday 18th ... Data

Wednesday 19th ... Conversions

Thursday 20th ... times table (factors and multiples)

Friday 21st ... Mean


Week commencing 24th April

Monday 24th ... problem solving

Tuesday 25th ... Algebra

Wednesday 26th ... nth term

Thursday 27th ... time

Friday 28th ... sequencing


Week commencing 2nd May

Tuesday 2nd ... subtracting and addition

Wednesday 3rd ... Multiplication and division

Thursday 4th ... 

Friday 5th ...