How Hill Day Two

We have had a wonderful day and enjoyed relaxing time before dinner thinking of everything we have experienced and learnt today.

Room inspections took place this morning during a very hearty breakfast (a lot of toast was consumed!!!) Some rooms achieved 10/10 for tidiness. Wonderful results! We then got layered up and went out on the broads to enjoy a boat trip. It was wonderful to travel along the river and see the Barton Broads. We saw incredible wildlife including an otter, a kingfisher and beautiful birds of prey etc. We learnt about some of the experiments scientists are doing along the broads to protect the ecosystem.

Hot chocolate was then enjoyed and of course biscuits were gobbled!! We then went to Toad Cottage which was an old thatchers cottage about 200 years old. The children were so excited to explore this cottage. We learnt about the past and how the lives of the inhabitants differed from our lives now.

We then had a wonderful afternoon crafting our own animals, from habitats we had encountered, out of clay. There were some incredible creations. We then played the hawks and blackberries game and learnt about food chains along the marshes.

Tea was absolutely delicious and the children are now relaxing before a Book quiz!! We enjoyed watching some footage of an otter in the boathouse!!

All in all a wonderful day. We say thanks to Mrs Robinson and Mrs Hooker for all their help and amazing support and welcome Miss Reid and Miss Murray to join Mr Cooper and Mrs McCaig.