Reading Week – March 2020

We have had a fantastic Reading Week which commenced on Friday with the Norfolk Children’s Book Centre coming in and setting up the most incredible book fair. We had a wonderful array of fiction and non-fiction books and every child got a chance to browse the books and exchange their World Book Day tokens and take home a book. It was so wonderful that so many children wanted to carry on reading these when we got back to the classroom.

This week has been absolutely inspiring, each class has had a classic children’s book to focus on for the week. We have had everything from the Railway Children to Winnie the Pooh. We have had a book worm which has been started in the library with every child’s favourite book and author on. How far will this get round the library by the end of the week?? The door displays have been created this week and are looking spectacular. The final judging is tomorrow so we will see who has been crowned the champions!

The atmosphere around school has been truly lovely and children have really enjoyed taking time out to discover their classic book. World Book day has been an absolute triumph. The costumes, as always, never fail to impress and we cannot thank you all at home enough for your energy, creativity and hard effort to make it all happen. Assembly today was brilliant sharing all the creations and hearing from the children all about their book week. It is always my favourite school day of the year and it has not disappointed for a minute.