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Year 6 Shakespeare Event - The Tempest

Yesterday (23.5.19) Year 6 enjoyed a somewhat unusual telling of Shakepeare's The Tempest. As we went to the Theatre In The Woods at Greshams the setting couldn't have been more beautiful. The Handlebards Theatre Company put on the play and with just four actors playing eleven parts delivered a thoroughly entertaining performance.  Acted in Sheakespearean language it was a challenge not just for the children, but adults alike.  However as we'd learnt the story beforehand the children were able to follow the plot and were drawn into the story.  Sheringham children were fascinated by the theatre company who travel the country by bicycle carrying everything with them.  Their tour will see them cycling over 1500 miles and over 85 performances. 


Here are just a few of the comments from the children. 


"Great how four people could act out eleven parts"

"Funny and interesting"

"I found it inspirational that they were cycling round the country"

"Amazing how they could carry all the staging"

"I like that they recycle all their set"