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The Power of Reading

It has been wonderful to see the children so enthusiastic about the
Reading Champion of the week initiative we have started in school. The
children across all year groups have all been asked to read at home at
least three times a week and to record it in their log books. This is then
recorded on a class sheet and reading champions of the week are written
on the certificate on our walls. It is lovely to see the variety of literature
that the children are reading everything from comic books, to non-fiction
texts about out topic work and obviously great narratives. I was so
interested to learn at a curriculum meeting last night that 90% of our
language and word bank comes from what we read and not conversation so
it highlights the importance of reading and reading to our children. We
are so looking forward to reading week in our school which starts on
Monday 4 th March 2019. Highlights that week include an author visit, a
coffee morning and of course World Book Day on Thursday 7 th March
2019. We will inform you very shortly of the books classes have chosen
for World Book Day so keep your eyes peeled!!!
A huge thanks as always for your support.

The English Crew