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School Lunch payments

Following the success of using the cashless system on Parent Mail for trip payments, we are happy to inform you that we are now at the stage of rolling this out for school lunch payments.  You will receive notification in the payments section on Parent Mail that will allow you to top up your child’s school lunch account.  Payments for school lunches should now be made using this system.
School lunches ordered or eaten by your child will be deducted daily from your child’s account and if there are not enough funds in the account this will show as a debt payable. You will be able to view this activity if you log on to the account. A notification will automatically be issued if the account reaches a balance of £2.30.  (The cost of one hot school meal). Payments for school lunches should be made in advance or on the day they are required.
Any debts already outstanding or credits will be shown on your account.
If your child has a pack lunch or is in receipt of free school meals then this will continue exactly as it has before.
We would really encourage you to use the on line payment system and thank you to those that have done so already. The feedback we are receiving is very positive.
If you have any issues or questions please do not hesitate to contact the school office as we will be happy to assist.  
Many thanks,
School Office Team.