Author, Elly Griffiths’ visit,  June 2022

Wow what a wonderful afternoon we have spent with the renowned Author Elly Griffiths. Our Year 3, 4 5 and 6 children really enjoyed meeting her and hearing all about her life so far as a writer. The children loved giving their ideas and we were overwhelmed with ideas and new book characters etc. Her new series for children is called ‘A Girl Called Justice’ and we were so pleased that some children had a copy of her book for her to sign. Mrs McCaig does have some stickers if your book did not arrive in time so please come and see her for a sticker with Elly’s signature on it when you get your book. 

We were so, so pleased to spend an afternoon in this fantastic authors company. Thank you to Dom from Hachette publishing for making the visit happen and to Alex Steward for suggesting the visit as Elly had been at the high school in the morning. 

Elly has helped organise a competition as well, see the details below. 

Hope we have some great entries. 
Many thanks
Suzanne McCaig