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Multicultural Week 25th Feb - 1st March

This week our year groups are teaming up together (older children with younger) and choosing a country affected by pollution.


Year Group Country 
Year Nursery Brazil
Year Reception, 1 and 4 Peru
Year 2 and 5 Australia
Year 3 and 6 China


During art for this week we are making collaborative sculptures using recycled materials to represent some aspect of the country and its particular pollution issues.


Tuesday 26th February 


The children will be learning to draw rainforest and ocean wildlife with children's author and illustrator Peter Kavanagh more of his work can be found on his website He will be producing a large scale mural which the children will be able to paint later in the week.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Thursday 28th February


Open afternoon to see the children's work from Multicultural week 3.15pm - 4pm 

Friday 1st March


We will be having a mufti day  (colours of your country's flag) with a 50p donation to buy a set of re-usable cups and plate to avoid creating waste with plastic cups etc.

Collaborative Art Sculpture


Some of our children worked with our resident artist Kate Munro on a plastic awareness themed sculpture. This consists of over 1600 bottle tops!! 


Kate tells us "Thank you for lending me your groups of children this week. We've had a great time - the children were really inventive, and we had some very interesting discussions about the responsibility we all have for the environment and what we can do about it."

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
We have had a wonderful time this Multicultural Week learning about China, Peru, Australia and Brazil. Each class has researched different facts about their country and produced some fantastic artwork. We also all thought about how our countries are being affected by plastic pollution and collaborated across year groups to create some art inspired by this.