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Mildred the Maths Monkey

This week ~  13th June
Mildred the Maths Monkey
is going home with:


Your child may bring Mildred the Maths Monkey home

at some point to do some real life maths.


 Photos, pictures and descriptions are great ways of showing the brilliant maths that we use every day in the real world. 

Below are just a few examples of how you could help your child do some maths with Mildred.


·       Taking her shopping and adding up prices, or using money to pay.

·       Travelling by bus or train, reading the timetable

·       Cooking is great as the monkey can help weigh things out, multiply quantities of ingredients and work out cooking times.

·       A walk through the countryside could involve spotting shapes and numbers.


Thank you for your help

Mrs Stocker