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Merlin the Math's Monkey

This week Merlin is going home with




Jasmine C



Merlin has previously

gone home with


- Riley -



What to do with

Merlin the Math's Monkey.


Your child has brought Merlin the Math's Monkey

home because they have worked so hard in Maths this week. It is not a requirement but if they would like to do some Maths with Merlin then please show this in his special book.


Photos, pictures and descriptions are great ways of showing what we do every day in the real world.


Below are just a few examples of how you could help your child do some Maths with Merlin.

  • See where you can spot any numbers, what do they mean?
  • Work out length of TV programmes or games.
  • Take Merlin shopping and add up different items, work out what change you’d get.
  • Do some baking, weighing out ingredients etc.
  • Anything to do with number work: adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, measuring, timetables – the list is endless.



Thank you for your help

Mrs Stocker