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Our Approach to the teaching of Literacy:
We follow the Ruth Miskin Read, Write, Inc synthetic phonics scheme throughout Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. In the nursery, children learn the Set 1 Speed Sounds from the Spring Term, alongside a variety of lively listening and attention games and activities.  In reception, they follow the program through, learning Speed Sounds and blending sounds, beginning to write them. They also practise oral story telling and learn a bank of familiar stories and poems to develop their vocabulary and love of stories. As the children progress through Key Stage 1, they have daily 1 hour Read, Write Inc lessons until they complete the program.
From mid way through Year 2, children finish the Read, Write Inc program and begin using the Talk 4 Writing approach, which continues throughout Key Stage 2.  Talk 4 Writing has a focus on oral story telling, providing the children with physical actions to help them to learn a bank of stories, poems and text types. The children then learn about tips and techniques that writers use and consider the effects these have on the reader.  They use these tools to imitate texts and invent their own.  This approach is challenging, varied and interactive and our children really enjoy it!!  
We foster a love of reading by using a variety of reading schemes and high quality story books throughout the school. Our school library is used regularly and contains a fantastic range of books.  Each class has dedicated time where they share a class story, listening to a quality text come to life. They also have time set aside for quiet reading, bringing in books from home or reading library books.  The adults join in with this to share a joy of reading. Volunteers share stories with our children and they are given opportunities to meet authors and illustrators and to attend events which celebrate reading for pleasure.

Teaching should ensure that work in 'speaking and listening', 'reading' and 'writing' is integrated.


In English, during Key Stage 1 pupils learn to speak confidently and listen to what others have to say. They begin to read and write independently and with enthusiasm. They use language to explore their own experiences and imaginary worlds.

In English, during Key Stage 2 pupils learn to change the way they speak and write to suit different situations, purposes and audiences. They read a range of texts and respond to different layers of meaning in them. They explore the use of language in literary and non-literary texts and learn how language works.