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Year 3 Swimming ~ Summer Term 2019


Due to a change of ownership at Splash we have been forced to make changes to the structure of the swimming lessons.  The maximum number of pupils allowable per group has been reduced to 12 under the new company guidelines.  


Following discussions with the swimming instructor it was decided that pupils who are non swimmers or less confident will take priority during the first half term.  All other pupils will have the opportunity to attend lessons towards the end of term. 


The whole year group will have the opportunity to take part in a fun swim towards the end of term and as they are now juniors, they are eligible to participate in the swimming gala if they wish and are competent in swimming 25m (deep to shallow). Dates for the swimming gala will be announced in the near future.  


If you have any please do not hesitate to contact me.  Thank you for your understanding and support. 


Miss Parish