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Lenny the Literacy Lion

This week ~
4th July
Lenny the Literacy Lion

is going home  




Lenny the Literacy Lion is sent home as a reward for someone who has worked really hard in Literacy this week.   He comes with a book and he encourages your child to do some extra work.  He should be viewed as a reward, not as homework, it is totally voluntary because Lenny also loves cuddles and attention. 


Photos, pictures and descriptions are great ways of showing what we do every day in the real world. 


Below are just a few examples of how you could help your child do some literacy with Lenny.


·       Read him a book.

·       Write a short story or description of an activity you have done Lenny.

·       Take him on a trip by bus, car or walking and tell me what you saw.

·       Introduce Lenny to your family, what did they think of him?

·       Involve Lenny in a family occasion – what did you do?


Thank you for your help

Mrs Stocker