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Welcome to Kiwis! 

Don't forget to dress up for Red Nose Day!




World Book Day
On World Book Day we read some stories about bears.  Then we made a moving teddy.

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7th February: A Visit to Cromer Museum
We went to Cromer Museum to find out how ordinary people lived in Victorian times - about a hundred and ten years ago.  Thank you to the helpers who joined us and to Cromer Museum for welcoming us. 

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Here we are finding out what old objects were and how they were used. Do you know what the object on the right is?

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We used a posser to swish the washing about in the tin tub.  Then we had a go at using the mangle to squeeze all the water out of the wet clothes.  Mind your fingers!

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The lady showed us what was in the kitchen and we all got to taste some drop scones that she cooked for us on the range.  


8th January 2013



Happy New Year from the Kiwi Class!




December 17th

Here we are enjoying our Christmas Party.




Winter Fair


Friday 23rd November 1.30pm

 Please remember to let use know who is collecting your child to take them around the fair.




We have been busy decorating our pine cones to sell at the fair.


The school raised £347 for Children in Need!

Thank you to everyone for contributing.




Monday 19th November
Visit to Pretty Corner
We collected lots of pine cones and will be decorating them over the next two days.  Please come and buy one for your Christmas tree. They will be on sale at the Winter Fair.

Visit to the Patch

Most of Class 6 went to the Patch at the High School on Tuesday 13th November.  Take a look at some of the things they did:








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This is Kevin the Kiwi – the Coolest Kiwi of All!





Kiwis come from New Zealand. Click here to find out more about them.




Kiwi birds should never be confused with kiwi fruit.


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