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Due in on Thursday  13th March

1) Show me what you know about similes and metaphors. 


2) Mr Perrem's maths set.
             Show me what you know about probability. 

3) Everyone else. 
            Show me what you know about tallies and bar charts. 


Group 1                                               Group 2
Thorough                                            dough
Drought                                              through
Enough                                                enough
Neighbourhood                                   brought
Plough                                                 rough
Borough                                              though
Roughly                                               foolish
Sought                                                bought
Dough                                                 scour
Brought                                              sought
Group 3                                              Group 4
Enough                                                food
Rough                                                  flood
Tough                                                  poor
Through                                              foolish
Bought                                                look
Thought                                              soon
Flood                                                  cook
Soon                                                   blood
Mood                                                  broom
Foolish                                                scoop