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How can I help my child ?

Supporting Your Child’s Learning.


The demands of the National Curriculum are quite high and in Year Five we need to be preparing our children for the challenges of Year Six and national testing. We have come up with a few suggestions that will help you support your child to make the most of their abilities.




It is still important to be reading or sharing stories with your children. Role modelling good reading habits yourselves will also show your children that reading can provide lots of pleasure. When reading with your child it is important to ask a range of questions to check their understanding of the story. 



Although your children are increasingly independent readers we would still like you to read with them at least once a week to check their understanding.









Please continue to help your child learn their weekly spellings. Thinking about the rule or pattern each week will help them broaden their understanding of spelling. To make learning their spellings more fun there are some useful apps and websites. Kids Doodle or Doodle Buddy are writing apps which can make testing the spellings more fun. The Best Spelling Test app allows you to enter weekly spellings and then children can test themselves independently. Alternatively you may want to make word searches with your children’s spellings using





We would like to encourage all the children to enjoy writing. Any opportunities to write creatively at home would help support their learning at school. It would be fantastic if children brought in any independent writing they have done to share with the class. this website provides some good prompts for writing and has great short videos to inspire the children’s writing. The ‘SpellBetter’ app provides predictive text which could speed up the writing process and help children with their spellings.





Increasing your child’s speed and confidence with numbers and mental maths will help their progress in all areas. The quick recall of times tables facts is essential as these form the basis of many areas in maths. is a fantastic website with lots of maths based games. ‘Hit the Button’ is a game designed to help with their times tables knowledge. A simple app search will bring up a whole world of free maths games for your child to enjoy.