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As from half term we will no longer be sending the homework book home, but please can all books be handed in as we have to keep them as evidence of completed work. 


Instead of the homework book, we hope that the children will do even more reading and talking about their understanding of their book as well as spend time using 'Maths Whizz'.


We will be monitoring how things are going as we can see how much the children use Maths Whizz and we keep a record of the children's reading.


Thank you for your on-going support and encouragement.

Homework will be sent home on a Friday and we would like it returned by the following Wednesday to give time to mark it before sending the book home again the following week.


Thanks for your support.

Week 1 - 8th September

The children have a 'Time Capsule' sheet in their orange homework books that we would like them to complete.

Week 2 - 15th September
Using nouns and adjectives write some sentences about things that you can see from a window at home.

Week 3 - Due 27th September

We would like the children to bring their passport ready to 'fly'to Switzerland next Thursday 28th September. Can they also find out some facts about Switzerland and write them in their homework books?

Week 4 - Due Wednesday 4th October

Write a description of a living thing from either a woodland, pond or seaside habitat.

Week 5 - Due Wednesday 11th October
Maths - Partition two digit numbers into different tens and ones. E.G. 24 = 20 + 4 or 24 = 10 + 10 + 4

Week 6 - Due Thursday 19th October

This is a whole school project called 'Boss and Secretary' please see your child's teacher if you need another copy of the task.