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Homework: due in Wednesday 22nd May


After half term we will be starting our topic about rivers.  For your homework we would like you to find out about a river in the UK.  What is the name of it? Where is it situated? What might the wildlife and surrounding landscape be like? We would love to know about any interesting facts you can find out.


You might find these websites useful:


Homework: Due in Wednesday 8th May


This half term we are reading ‘The Butterfly Lion’ by Michael Morpurgo. For your homework we would like you to draw the scene of the waterhole where Bertie first sees the White Lion. Think about what the landscape in Africa might look like, what animals (other than the lion) might be at the waterhole, what plants or vegetation might be around, etc.

These websites might help:


Homework: Due in Wednesday 1st May


We are learning about forces this half-term (gravity, air resistance, buoyancy, water resistance and friction). We would like you to research either a scientist or an experiment related to this topic. It might be about a person, such as Isaac Newton, or an experiment that demonstrates how these forces work, such as Felix Baumgartner’s parachute jump. You may even wish to devise your own experiment!

Here are some websites to help you:

Homework: to be handed in Wednesday 27th March


It was home to the most beautiful and mysterious creatures in the entire realm, yet very few human eyes had ever seen it.

Your homework task this week is to write a description of the magical world shown in the picture.  You might want to include who or what lives there, how it looks, how it feels to explore it.  What does it smell like? Is it hostile or friendly?

Try to include: similes and metaphors, alliteration, prepositions.

Picture 1

Homework – due Wednesday 20th March 2019


For your homework this week, we would like you to write a review of our trip to the Castle for our Anglo-Saxon/Viking day. This might be in the form of a newspaper report, diary entry, power-point, comic strip, etc. You will need to write about the different activities we did as well as give your thoughts and opinions on them.


Remember, the activities included:

  • Making brooches
  • Meeting the metal detectorist
  • Meeting the trader
  • Doing drama with the story teller.

Homework - due in 13/01/19


This week for homework we would like you to show all you know about fractions. You should include the following:

  • How you can represent fractions using pictures
  • Where you can see fractions in everyday life.


Homework: Due in Wednesday 13th February


This week was Mental Health Week and we have been looking at strengthening certain areas of our mental health such as building resilience, increasing our mindfulness and looking at diet and exercise. For your homework this week we would like you to do something that you feel would be positive for your mental well being. It might be a family activity, it might be listening to a certain piece of music, it might be creating something – it is up to you! You can either write about your activity, take pictures of it or tell the class about it verbally (we will factor in time for this during the week). Enjoy!

Homework: to be handed in by Wednesday 6th February.


Find an example of a set of instructions.  Either: write the instructions out, photocopy them or take a picture of them.  Highlight the key features of the instructions.  Examples you could use include a recipe, how to make something or how to play a game.  You could even make something following the instructions and think of ways you can improve them.

If you need any help finding suitable instructions speak to your teacher.


Homework - due in Wednesday 30th January


Show us what you know about multiplication and division. You might look for real life situations where you need to use multiplication and/or division and explain how you solved it. You could take one question and show lots of different methods for solving it or you might pick one main method and use that to solve a number of different calculations - it's up to you!


Here are some of the methods we have learnt:

Multiplication - arrays, grid method, column multiplication ( extended and compact)

Division - number line, grouping/sharing, bus stop division

Homework - How Hill week


There will be no written homework this week due to a number of staff and children being at How Hill. Those who are not attending How Hill are still expected to complete their 30 minutes of Maths Whizz time.



Homework: Due in Wednesday 16th January


This half term we are studying the Ancient Greeks. Your homework task is to create a fact file about one of the Ancient Greek gods. You could include their physical appearance, their powers, their origin story, their family tree, etc. You can present your facts however you like.


These website might help:


Homework to be in by Tuesday 11th December.


On Tuesday 11th, we are having our RE day. The theme of this RE day is the importance/use of symbols in different religions. As part of this, we would like you to bring in something that you feel symbolises you. This might be related to a hobby or skill, it might be based on your personality or it might be about the things that are important to you. You could bring in a physical object, picture of an object or you could do a drawing. This homework will be part of the activities we have planned for RE day so it is important that you have your object ready for Tuesday 11th. You do not need to write anything in the homework books.

Homework to be in by Wednesday 5th December.


In class we are currently looking at discussion text and debates, which involves having a balanced argument.

Your task is to pick any subject and to write a paragraph arguing for the subject and a paragraph arguing against it.


For example: if your subject was school uniform, a for argument might be that it creates a sense of community and an against argument might be that it can be expensive.


Homework: Due in Wednesday 14th November

Your task is to re-create a piece of artwork created by a famous Italian painter. You can do this by drawing, colouring, painting, making a collage. Here are some examples that you could use or you can research your own.

Homework: Due Wednesday 7th November


Create a fact file about Italy. It might be about a specific area such as food, sport, landmarks etc. or it could be about Italy in general. We are expecting you to include at least 10 facts.


Here are some websites to help you:



Homework: Due Wednesday 3rd October


Draw or explain the phases of the moon.




Homework: Due Wednesday 26th September


Draw or make a Martian from War of the Worlds.

Welcome to my Homework Book


This is my special book and I choose how I present my work in it.


Each Friday I am given a learning objective, this may relate to work we have covered in class or it may ask for me to research a new topic. I may be given examples to help me with my work. I am expected to use at least one A4 page of my book each week.

   I can ask an adult for help or support with ideas, or in finding information. We can work together. I can use drawings, photographs, book or computers to help, but if I copy any work I must fully understand what I have written. I can present my work using ICT as long as it is in my own words.

My completed Homework book must be in by the following Wednesday.


If I find my homework hard, or am stuck for ideas I can ask my teacher, who can help me during a lunch-time.