Home Page


Welcome to my Homework Folder


This is my special folder and I choose how I present my work in it.


Each Friday I am given a learning objective, this may relate to work we have covered in class or it may ask for me to research a new topic. I may be given examples to help me with my work. I am expected to use one A4 page of my folder each week.

My folder will also contain my spellings and number facts.  These are tested the following Friday and my scores will be added each week for parents or carers to see.


I can ask an adult for help or support with ideas, or in finding information. We can work together.  I can use drawings, photographs, book or computers to help, but if I copy any work I must fully understand what I have written. I can present my work using ICT as long as it is in my own words.

My completed Homework Folder must be in by the following Wednesday.


If I find my homework hard, or am stuck for ideas I can always come to the new Homework Club.  This will take place on Tuesdays after school (3.30 to 4.30pm) in class 17 (Parentmail to follow).  Otherwise I can ask my teacher, who can help me during a lunch-time.



Homework: to be handed in by Wednesday 12th July.


To fit in with our ‘Multicultural Week’ we would like the children to complete a longer project based around their class country. Please research about that country and present your ideas in any way you like: powerpoint presentations, posters, reports, models or art-work are all acceptable. Be creative! You could research one aspect of the country e.g. wildlife or make a general project. Please see your class teacher if you are stuck for ideas. Remember this is an extended project so needs to be detailed and careful.


Class 16’s country is Brazil

Class 17’s country is New Zealand

Class 18’s country is Bulgaria