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Week 1 –

Time Capsule Sheet


Week 2 -

Using nouns and adjectives write some sentences about things that you can see from a window at home.

Week 3

 Week 3 1
 Week 3 2
We would like the children to bring their passport ready to go through border control and 'fly' to Austria' next Friday, 30th September. Can they also find out some facts about Austria and write them in their homework books?

Week 4

Write a description of a living thing from either a woodland, pond or seaside habitat.


Week 5

Maths - Partition two digit numbers into different tens and ones. E.G. 24 = 20 + 4 or 24 = 10 + 10 + 4

Week 6

Write and draw about a group that you belong to. It could be a family group or a club that you attend.

Week 7


Keep a food diary for a day. Identify the different food groups that you have eaten.

Week 8

Write correctly punctuated sentences with expanded noun phrases in, about fireworks.

E.G. The rainbow coloured firework exploded with an enormous bang!

Week 9

Find examples of 2D (Flat) shapes that you can draw and name correctly.

Week 10

Experiment with mark making and use similar marks to draw an animal of your choice.

Week 12 - Use different coins and draw around them to show how you can make different totals up to 20p and 50p
Week 13 - Use the Internet or visit the library to research some interesting facts about Chinese New Year, which we will be learning about and celebrating next week.
Week 14 - Using the shapes that you know, can you split them into halves and quarters?

Week 15 - Using words and pictures, describe your journey from home to school.


Homework—24th February 2017

Have a go at using a 30cm ruler to measure things at home in full centimetres and record your findings in your book.



Write sentences with correct capital letters and full stops about your weekend, underlining the nouns, verbs and adjectives in different colours.


Look around at home and try to find objects made of lots of different materials. Can you write the object and what it is made of in your book?


17.3.17 Homework

Write your own poem using similes.

For example; her eyes are like twinkling stars or he was as tall as a mountain.


Think about the work we have done in class on poetry and similes and use this to help you.

Homework - 24th March - The first of the attached sheets

Homework - 28th April until half term

We have sent home a Snakes and Ladders game, using the High Frequency words that we would like the children to be able to read and spell. This game can be adapted to use any of the High Frequency words.


Due to the very busy and tiring month of SAT's tests, we will not be setting any homework until after half term but we would really like you to continue reading as much as possible with your child.


Many thanks for your support.

Homework until the end of Year 2