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Helping at home with Maths.

Maths is a practical and fun activity that can be practised at home by carrying out simple day-to-day activities. 


At this age, it is important that children gain a solid understanding of what numbers mean and this is achieved through reinforcing the value of numbers on a daily basis. 


Things that you can do with your child at home include....


  • Counting objects. This could be counting things you see out and about, or counting out 4 knifes and 4 forks to set the dinner table. Also, they could practise counting in 2's by counting the pairs of socks in the wash basket.
  • Sharing between friends or siblings. Counting out how many objects they have and finding out how many each person will have by sharing them equally.
  • When shopping, show the children the coins so they can see the value of each coin and how much things are worth. They can also have a go at finding the correct coins to pay.
  • When cooking, give them the opportunity to weigh out the ingredients and measure the liquids. They can also practise counting. For example, counting the amount of cupcake cases needed.
  • Playing games is an enjoyable family activity, and also helps the children to gain an understanding of numbers, number bonds, adding numbers together and sorting things.  



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