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Fitness Clubs

Circuit Training - before school on a Tuesday for Years 3,4,5,6


Circuit Training is all about gaining strength over the whole body.  We use various pieces of equipment and different exercises each term.  During circuit training we may test strength so you can see your improvements. 

This club is currently full.   

Dance Combat - before school on a Wednesday for Years 3,4,5,6


Dance combat is a fun way to get the heart raised and to enjoy light hearted exercise, this club is a fantastic way to start the day!

Running Club - after school on a Monday for Years 3,4,5,6


Running Club will improve your fitness and build on a love for fitness and running.  We use the local area to its maximum potential so this isn't just running inside or on our school grounds.   We explore your full potential and you work at your pace, so if you enjoy running or are wanting to get fit and healthy this is perfect for you.