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Eco Warriors

March Update

This week we have been outside. We have sowed the wild flower seed given to the school by Mrs Mills when she left school in December. It took a while to sprinkle the seed and to trample it in. Next week we will be putting the scarecrows, Muggle and Mildred, out  to protect the wild flower garden from all those hungry birds.
We all got our Eco badges and will wear them in school so everyone knows who we are.

January update
The Eco Warriors have been really busy.
So far the children have weighed a total of 266kg of recycled paper throughout the school.  We are going to see if we can recycle as much as possible this year.
The children have been researching where to put the bird boxes that Mrs Mills left for us and we are going to ask Sam if he can help us put them up before the birds start nesting this year. The children are also planning to give an assembly to share what we do with the rest of the school.

The Eco Warriors meet every Wednesday lunchtime.

We did really well at the Winter Fayre, selling lots of our home made black boards and Christmas decorations.

This week, we are going to weigh our recycling - hoping to reach our 100kg target. We will also be doing some creative Christmas crafts.