Interim Curriculum

Following the most recent DfE guidance, we are postponing the launch of our new curriculum due to the possibility that some children, classes or bubbles may have to isolate.

Guidance expects that remote learning happens instantly, including video lessons.

To provide this in an efficient way, an ‘interim curriculum’ has been designed that aligns with Oak National Academy.

This will be kept under continuous review and the launch of our new curriculum will happen at the most appropriate time.

Teachers will plan and deliver their own lessons based on the lesson sequences from Oak Academy.  Lessons in school will be taught by our teachers and will not use the Oak Academy video materials as a method of presentation, although they can be used as a resource to aid planning.

All year groups have set up a Google Classroom and the children have been trained to use it so, in the event of isolation, teachers will set tasks from Oak Academy and interact with their children virtually.

Reception & Year 1 will be interacted with via Tapestry.

Paper packs have been created for children who cannot access this technology.


We will follow White Rose, as normal, but parents will be directed to an appropriate Oak Academy unit if isolation is necessary.


We are using Literacy Tree, as normal, but parents will be directed to Oak Academy units in the event of isolation.

Foundation Subjects

Below are the interim units of work for each year group in some foundation subjects. We have tried our best to match the Oak Academy units with the units that have already been planned for the Autumn, however, this has not always been possible.

Screenshot 2020 11 30 At 14.01.22
Screenshot 2020 11 30 At 14.01.31
Screenshot 2020 11 30 At 14.01.39